Monday, July 17, 2006

How long will Jamis play with his mui mui chai?

Is this another 童話? How long will Jamis play with his so called \"mui mui chai\" H? Are they going to end like what happen to Danny and H? Who is Cherrie, H will know her eventually. The truth will be revealed once H goes back to Malaysia. It is going to be very painful and hurting one. I will email the pic of both Jamis and Cherrie to H . Jamis, you have asked for it and you derserve for it. You may call me bitch, i do not care. It is now up to both Cherrie and H to decide for their future and decision whether it is worthwhile for them to long after this jerk: Jamis. I hate him for playing the fool with Cherrie even though he already has a gf. Whatever happen to three of them, i wont care anymore. Don\'t bother to ask me for Cherrie\'s number, i wont let you to disturb her. For the friends of H, please protect her if you dont want to see Jamis hurting her. I have done my part for Cherrie.

This is the last post. Dont bother to come back to this blog anymore. This is the end of the blog and end of story. I will take down all the pics of H, Cherrie and Danny for their sake. Good bye

endnote: H, have you ever wonder what if after all what I have told you end up to be the truth? So, did he show you the April/May phone bill? I bet he will just tell you that no such phone bill exists. I know you are Christian, and he is not. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a man who knows how to swear, say foul language and dirty words, a man who betray you and fool around with other girl? He once sweet talked to Cherrie that he only treat you as mui mui and nothing else. Can he be trusted?

Which couple is better?

1) 熊熊 - Jamis and Cherrie
2) 缩头乌龟 - Jamis and H
3) 桃红色猪 - Danny Loke and H

One day . . . .

One day, if Jamis were to break up with H, what will he say to her? The following words were said to one girl before, this will happen to H oneday

"Hey H, u r a fucking wuss or wat, beg from sympathy from me. such a bitchass, when I turns u down, scolded u coz of ur wussiness, oh yeah u pissed off!..fuck off your self sacrifice, tats jus crap, stop acting like a bitch k?."

"H, 孬种, 孬种. 你了解些什么? 你了解如何去迫取同情心, 去欺骗她人. 了解她的人, 你举了手, 你羞不羞? 可悲的人, 啊!, 我该说是可悲的孬种.你看的到你自己吗?我想你是觉的光荣吧?"

He is a jerk full of foul languages and dirty words, if he could said them to the girl, it will happen to H oneday.

You judge for yourself.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Who is pretty?

Who is more prettier? I feel that my friend, Cherrie is more prettier than H. Who will win Jamis's heart in this triangle relationship between Cherrie and H? Defintely it will be Cherrie after H goes back to Malaysia because it will be the world between Jamis and Cherrie in UniSA

Saturday, July 15, 2006


This is not a make-up story like what a blogger accused me. The above couple used to be happy couple before Jamis came into the life of the girl.
The girl believe she will marry the guy one day and happily live after
Being a jerk, Jamis came to destroy and caused both of them to break-up. After he had succeeded, he sweet talked the girl and won her heart to be his gf. But, Jamis is not satified with just one girl but also involves in triangle relationship with the Cherrie.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Do you want to see the photo of Jamis and Cherrie?

Do you want to see the photo of Jamis and Cherrie together? The truth will set you free but will also defintely hurt and break two girls' heart. I hate guy who plays with 2 girls heart. What a jerk. Why do i bother to reveal all this? This is simply because i am Cherrie's best friend and i do not want her to hurt in this triangle relationship, similiary to H.

Why doesn't Jamis laugh or smile to you?

Have you ever wonder why doesn't Jamis laugh or smile? He will just act cool and cover his mouth...why? this is because he has a rotten teeth. The photo of him in first post is not photoshopped.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who is Cherrie?

So ,who is Cherrie? She is freshman in UniSA, same course with Jamis. Currently she stays in E-dge Townhouses. Even thought Jamis will be graduating in August 2007, he promised her that he will wait for her.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jamis and Cherrie

Jamis Huong Yew Yi , Student id : 100059241 from University of South Australia , Adelaide, currently third year in Information and communication technology in Networking is having affair with his coursemate, Cherrie.